Below is the schedule for blog postings. Please find something pertaining to the world of web design and post it here. Articles can be how-to guides, articles on the current or future state of a particular web technology, or whatever else you may find. Peanut butter jelly time, cats saying dumb things, or anything to do with Rick Astley justified because ‘it’s on the web, it’s related to web design’ is not acceptable.

You should write one paragraph describing what the article is about and a second describing why it is important to the world of web design. On your scheduled day, you should present your post to the class for a couple of minutes. See my orignal post on CSS Zen Garden for a template.

September 8th Emily, Thomas
September 10th Chris, Jane
September 15th Monique, Min
September 17th Lauren, Tina

September 29th Wei, Janice
October 1st Selina, Amy
October 6th Defne, Melissa
October 8th Katherine, Nadeem
October 13th Anne-Clair, Beverly
Octover 15th Angela, Nicholas

October 27th Barbara, Joe