Blog.SpoonGraphics is one of the blogs that is on my favorites list. It’s a personal website of a UK graphic/web designer. He basically updates information about graphic design and provides with tutorials such as how to make a logo or how to use Illustrator. You can also download free vector graphics and textural images that you can use for your design. This blog is not only visually interesting but gives you “interesting” tutorials and information about graphic design. Although not directly related to “how to build a website,” I find that this blog has some good resources that can help you enhance the visual quiality of the website you’re building.

When speaking of web design, I like to talk about different personal websites. Personal websites/blogs shows the character of a person and people can learn a great deal about that person by just visiting their websites. Although the design of this blog speaks “bold” to me and I wouldn’t make one of such design for myself, it’s always interesting to see how people have different styles and tastes! (same reason why I enjoy looking at CSS Zen Garden.)