When designing web pages, it is a good idea to have as many browsers on your computer as possible, so that you can test your code in each, as most browsers interpret the code in slightly different ways. If you have done any design before, I’m sure you have had a site that looks great in Firefox, but looks screwy in IE, or something like that. Often you can’t have multiple versions of a browser on your computer, and it may be impossible for you to test your site on browsers of another OS. That is when the above site is very useful. All you have to do is plug in the web address of the site you are testing, check off the browsers you want to check and submit it. It may take a few minutes, but you will get screenshots of your site in countless browsers and operating systems.

When creating a website, you want people to have a way of finding it. This can be business cards and advertisement, links from other sites, and, primarily, the search engine. Especially if you are using your website for business purposes, it is very important that your site rank high in the search engines. Even the coding of your site needs to be approached in a way that will optimize your search rating. Keywords, domain name, incoming links, overall traffic and more all effect how high in the results your site will be. Most people do not look past the first page of ten results when searching, so search engine optimization is very important. Below are some good resources for SEO: