Due Friday 14th

Create a design document that answers the following questions to help guide you in the creation of your portfolio site. Your answers should be paragraphs each and not just one word answers. I expect the entire document to be about 2 pages. Sample direction provided below in italics. This document will help you clearly your goals and help you develop a clear message for employers. Email me the word document by end of day Friday.

What is the purpose of the site?
To get an internship
To get a job
To teach me web design
To impress this really cute person in my lit class

Are there any subgoals of the site?
A repository for my work
Supports my blog

What will the personality of the site be?

It matches my personality
I don’t have the skills to do anything else

Who are you?
-What do you want to show of yourself?
-What makes you so special?
-How is what you show of yourself going to be reinforced in your portfolio?

Who is the audience?

What is their platform of choice?
mac/pc ff/safari/ie
How do they present their work?
Sample sites, print portfolios
What do you know about them?
How can you leverage your knowledge of them to help you get what you want?

How will you challenge yourself to learn something new?
Play around with jquery
Look into portfolio design

Are there any things you want to do with this site, but are afraid that your lack of technical knowledge will stop you?